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The industrial revolution in Europe introduced power loams for textile production. The British collected raw material for their industries from the subcontinent and they captured the market for their products in the sub continent and started establishing industries in this area. The Muslim majority areas were kept backward deliberately to favour the Hindus. The few industries which were set up in India were allocated at the coastal cities of Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai which were far away from Pakistan’s territory. Economic Causes  Lack of capital Lack of capital is one of the major hurdle of industrialization of heavy industries in Pakistan.  Lack of infrastructure The transport and communication are not well established in Pakistan, to faster the mobility of labour capital raw material and energy resources. Gas and electricity are short of requirement.  Lack of foreign exchange Pakistan imports industrial machinery and industrial raw material from abroad, which requires heavy foreign exchange. But Pakistan lacks in foreign exchange due to debut trade.  Small size of internal market Pakistan 63 percent population lives in rural areas and their earning and savings are very limited. Their purchasing power is very small. So this is also a great hurdle for development and expansion of industrial sector. The